Our goal is to provide the best customer service and to answer all of your questions in a timely manner. Below are just some of the frequently asked questions we receive.

Call the Helper is a professional cleaning, child care, elder care, care for the sick or disabled, and cleaning products company that matches Helpers (professional cleaning and care helpers) with people who value their free time or need assistance in caring for their loved ones.

Its geolocation function (GPS) allows you to contact the closest service providers to get the job done.

Call the Helper, is legally governed by the federal and state laws of the United States of America, providing cleaning services, care or sales of organic products at home through an application that complies with the rules and policies of security, privacy of those who sign up for it.

Behind Call the Helper, there is a multidisciplinary team that gathers the requirements, comments, and concerns of its users to continuously improve services and determine new opportunities for growth and expansion.

Call the Helper is currently available to users located in San Diego County, California, however, it will be expanding to cover the entire country.

Call the Helper is a home and commercial cleaning company, and in the short term will be providing child and adult care services, as well as cleaning product sales.

Through its application present in both Android and iOS, you can also do it through our website www.callthehelperllc.com where you will find emails and messaging for suggestions.

They are not employees of the company, the Helpers provide professional cleaning services, i.e. they are independent contractors.

You can trust the Helpers, the company performs an authentication process and introduces a series of personal data such as personal identification, social security number, address, background, among other data of interest, which are corroborated before being able to provide their services in the App.

Yes of course, they will take care to perform the designated jobs as requested by the client, with safety and professionalism.

We are offering cleaning plans from a minimum of 3 hours and onwards according to the client’s needs. You can choose between deep cleaning or general cleaning.

You must have all the cleaning products that are generally used to perform a general cleaning in your home. In the future you will be able to have a menu of organic cleaning product options, which you will be able to purchase through the App.

You can hire a Helper for a minimum of 3 hours.

You have the right to cancel or make any modification (reschedule) with a maximum of 2 hours notice. If this does not happen and you cancel the cleaning when the Helper is on the way, you will be charged a relocation fee.

If you are not satisfied with the work done you can make a claim through the arbitration section of the App. We will give you the best solution.

If the Helpers in its cleaning activity causes any damage, you should immediately activate the arbitration module in the App. Don’t worry, Call the Helper has a contingency fund to cover damages caused during the service.

As independent contractors, Helpers have their own health insurance.

No. The Helper must establish strategies and actions to insure their work activities against different undesirable events through medical insurance.

Through the App you can make payments with your credit card, debit card, Zelle or PayPal, according to your convenience.

Log in to our website, download the App and complete the authentication steps requested by the App.

In the confidentiality and service agreement, it specifies that you must put any valuables in safekeeping, be present while the Helper performs the cleaning and if you think you have lost something you must activate the arbitration module.

The domestic employee has a periodic allowance of money agreed according to the time she works in your home, her payments must include all the allowances that by law correspond to her. Be clear that the Helper will do a punctual job, so the modality, if it adapts to you in terms of cleanliness, is more economical, and the work is tailored to your needs.

Helpers will have a badge and a logo that will distinguish them. You will also be able to identify them by their profile picture.

Go to our website and there you will have all the orientation and guidance for this.

When you do not remember your password you must enter “recover password” and an email with your temporary password will be sent to your registered email.

There can be no labor lawsuits. Helpers are not employees of Call the Helpers, they provide professional cleaning services as independent workers (Contractors).

No. The Marketplace for organic cleaning products is not yet available.

It is essential to be present, to welcome the Helper and to accompany him/her during the whole cleaning process, without leaving him/her alone. These indications are specified in the confidentiality and services agreement of the App.

It is not contemplated in the Services agreement, but if you wish you can do it.

If there is a need, due to a misunderstanding, you may ask to show the contents of your bag to the Helper. Otherwise, if you open the Helper’s bag without the Helper’s consent, you will be exposed to the different legal actions that the Helper may take against you for doing so.

We would love to hear your feedback, so yes, you can rate the Helper and the company.

Any activity that puts the Helper’s life at risk.

No you can’t, the payment is done electronically with your credit card, debit card, Zelle or PayPal.

No, the total payment is done through the App. However, if you are very satisfied and wish to leave an additional tip to the Helper for their services, it is your right and you can do so.

In the App, entering the payment and service history you will be able to see all the historical services contracted and the amount of each one of them.